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About us

A salaam alykoom brothers & sisters,

We are team of educators and product designers that have been developing and marketing educational products for several years. We have many different products that teach many different aspects of Arabic, English, Quran, Supplications etc...

This particular product family is unique because the same pen can be used with over 100 products and many more coming in the near future in shaa Allah. This allows you to custom build your own collection based on your needs.

Some Highlights are;

  • Educational Kits that feature the pen, story books, posters, flash cards, Quran and other items based on the kit
  • Several items that can purchased seperately such as,
    • Story books
    • Posters
    • Flash Cards
    • Athkar Folders
    • Learn English
    • Learn Arabic
    • Other options available as well

Touch and Learn team